After getting losts of request for e-books, now I decided to distributes some e-books which have you requested and some hot pics by me (suggested books).

1.  Understanding human motivation

   by [Donald_Laming]

short description-

For this book, motivation means the switching on of some pattern of behavior, of
a program of action specified within the individual. That program might be innate
or it might have been modified by experience. But each biological species has to
have a repertoire of instinctive, “hardwired,” patterns of behavior; humankind is
no exception. If we, and all other animal species, were not equipped with such patterns
of behavior, we should none of us be here. Given an appropriate stimulus, the
corresponding pattern is triggered. Although the word “motive” suggests a source
of energy, the trigger stimulus is not itself that source; rather, it releases an internal
source of energy, somewhat like switching on a television set. We are therefore set
to look for instinctive patterns – I shall use the phrase “quasi-mechanical” – in
human behavior.
Interested? download from this link-


2. Thirty Teenage Stories

short description-

The stories in this collection are prizewinning entries in
the category Teenage Stories in the Competition for Writers
of Children’s Books organized by Children’s Book Trust.

Interested? download from this link-


& here is some study material for actual Students.

3. Heat Transfer – Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Information Technology

short description-

Over the past few decades there has been a prolific increase in research and development in area of heat transfer, heat exchangers and their associated technologies. This book is a collection of
current research in the abov mentioned areas and describes modelling, numerical methods,
simulation and information technology with modern ideas and methods to analyse and enhance heat transfer for single and multiphase systems. The topics considered include various basic
concepts of heat transfer, the fundamental modes of heat transfer (namely conduction, convection and radiation), thermophysical properties, computational methodologies, control, stabilization and optimization problems, condensation, boiling and freezing, with many real-world problems and important modern applications. The book is divided in four sections : “Inverse, Stabilization and Optimization Problems”, “Numerical Methods and Calculations”, “Heat Transfer in Mini/Micro Systems”, “Energy Transfer and Solid Materials”, and each section discusses various
issues, methods and applications in accordance with the subjects. The combination of fundamental approach with many important practical applications of current interest will make this book of interest to researchers, scientists, engineers and graduate students in many disciplines, who make use of mathematical modelling, inverse problems, implementation of recently developed numerical methods in this multidisciplinary field as well as to experimental and theoretical researchers in the field of heat and mass transfer.

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4.Handbook on Information Technologies for Education

short description-

Information technology can bed escribed in terms of a process, the processing of information by computer(s) based on instructions given to the computer(s) via soft￾ware. lt can also relate to products as well as processes: the technologies related to hardware, software, data communication, database management, and information systems. lt is the product orientation more that the processing orientation that forms a common theme of chapters in this Handbook.


5. Physics and Chemistry




Stay tuned for more !!


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